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Adding a blog

You have created your first pages and now you want more, you want to create a blog!
What differentiates normal pages from a blog :

To create a blog, you must create a folder with the name displayed in the url of your blog. Then add this blog to your configuration.

Example : Creating the CESTOLIV's blog The blog will have to be accessible at the address https://cestoliv.com/blog : you have to create a blog folder in the source folder : it is in this folder that you will find the posts.

You must then add the blog to the configuration :

    # server configuration

    # content configuration

    blogs: [
            dir: "./source/blog",
            title: "CESTOLIV's blog",
            description : "Un blog tech",
            category: "Technology",
            language: "fr",
            main_author: "cestoliv",
            authors: {
                "cestoliv": "me@cestoliv.com"