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Installation Guide for cestmaddy with Docker

Download the default configuration and unzip it :

Here are the commands to do it from the shell:

# Download the zip
wget "https://git.cestoliv.com/attachments/9b2db2dd-e722-4333-9557-003c46ec0ed5" -O docker_default_config.zip
# Extract the zip
unzip docker_default_config.zip && mv docker_default_config cestmaddy && rm docker_default_config.zip
# Go to the new directory
cd cestmaddy

Modify the .zip file to match your expectations



And finally start cestmaddy with the following command :

docker-compose up -d

If everything went well, cestmaddy will compile the sources and then launch the web server, go to http://localhost:PORT, you should see this :

cestmaddy post-installation page

What's next?

What's next? We'll have to configure all this! See you on the configuration!